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Security System/Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) Review

Austin Computer Security can work with you to ensure that the System Development Lifecycle that you are using is well-defined and meets your needs, whether it falls into the category of waterfall, iterative or agile. We will work with you to incorporate security in all phases of the SDLC, from design through operations, in a way that supports and enhances your development methodology.

  • Identified security activities for all phases of the SDLC including design, development, test, integration, fielding and operations.
  • Defined security SDLC framework to map security control development to waterfall, iterative or agile methodology variations.

We know that each organization is unique, so no system and management setup is inherently superior for all organizations. Austin Computer Security tailors methodologies within a single continuum that includes waterfall, iterative (RUP) and agile approaches and will most likely be a hybrid of multiple approaches.

  • Use Cases or User stories: emerging design does not negate the need for architecture even if requirements continue to be gathered from the customer during the development process.
  • Security test driven approach: Writing the security unit tests prior to development; eliminate ‘debt’ in the security area. This process of testing, coding and refactoring will incrementally grow security design patterns. Tools to verify scalability and other modeling must exist as part of the process.